Timeline video shows the number of new book titles publisher per year, per million inhabitants in a given country for the period 1500 - 2009.

Visualization shows world population that live in different political regimes over the past 200 years, 1816-2015.

Visualization shows the annual number of child deaths from 1960 to 2017 per country. Child deaths are here defined as those under five years old.

This is a timeline visualization of Carbon Dioxide(CO2) emission by country for the period 1750-2015. Numbers are in Tonnes per Year

In recorded Gallup polls since 1953, men and women say they prefer to work for a male boss than a female boss. In a 1953 Gallup poll, 66% of those asked said they would prefer working for a man than for a woman.
The statistics have changed dramatically since then, the number of respondents stating that they would prefer working for a woman has almost equal to those for a man in 2017 survey.
As per this trend, Americans No Longer Prefer Male Boss to Female Boss.