Word of Statistics and Analytics

Google trends gives an interesting alalysis of Analytics and Statistics - usage of these words in the web. In the last one decade, there is an inverse trend between the words Analytics and Statistics. There are numerous arguments to differentiate between these terminologies and many have argued they are more same than being different. Nevertheless, if we have to believe Google search then people are liking more Analytics and less Statistics compared to the past.

Big Data Job Index

Here is an interesting statistics about numbers games on synonyms - analytics, BI, big data, statistics, and data science. Powered by icrunchdata, Big Data Analytics Jobs Index provides a benchmark estimate for visualizing the present state and future job growth trends in Big Data, Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, Hadoop and Statistics job categories.

SAS - Advanced Analytic Leader

Big data and data-driven decision-making are key factors in the current advanced analytic market. This years Gartner quadrant for advanced analytics delivers a mix of good news and bad news for vendors in the advanced analytic category. Clearly there is up move for vendors such as Microsoft, Alpine, and Alteryx.

Insights from web analytics

Web analytics helps to answer how data from a web server's log can be harvested to generate useful and actionable business intelligence, particularly when the data is combined with existing customer and sales data in a Data Warehouse. Wiki page defines web analytics as "the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage".

Gartner Business Intelligence - 2014 vs-2015

In the months since Gartner published the report in 2015, a lot in the industry has changed, and depending which end of the spectrum you are on; you could say it has evolved. Report highlights the major change that BI and Analytic platform is going through. For example - Vendors like Tableau and Qlik are gaining more because companies are increasingly adopting data-discovery and interactive-analysis platforms.