Gartner Business Intelligence - 2014 vs-2015

In the months since Gartner published the report in 2015, a lot in the industry has changed, and depending which end of the spectrum you are on; you could say it has evolved. Report highlights the major change that BI and Analytic platform is going through. For example - Vendors like Tableau and Qlik are gaining more because companies are increasingly adopting data-discovery and interactive-analysis platforms.

BI and Analytics Platform Transition

Gartner research finds that BI & Analytics indistry is going through a major transition. Their 2015 quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms reflects the change. Making data analytics more accessible and pervasive to a wide range of business users and use cases is the major goal of companies that are making this transition.

Future of business intelligence

The world of business intelligence is maturing and early years of turbulant time is over. This progress is witnessed with increased importance seen from companies to drive their BI initiative from a business point of view rather than technology driven. Additionally, we have seen steady progress in the development of standards, models, and frameworks in the last few years.

Kimball methodology of data warehousing
Ralph Kimbal is one of the most renowned architects in the world of data warehousing technologies. His guidelines to design a data warehouse, often referred as Kimball methodology, has become one of the most followed methods by technical experts in building a decision support system across the organization.

Business Intelligence Architecture

Rome wasn't built in a day, so does a business intelligence system of any organization. It requires lot of strategies and efforts to build such a solution.

To start with the effort of building business intelligence system, one needs a framework comprising of best practices, policies, and standards. Business intelligence architecture, by providing this framework, ensures that the development efforts of multiple projects fit neatly together as a cohesive whole to achieve desired BI system.