Big data analytics word cloud

Year 2017 seems to be an exciting time for big data professionals. Big data vendor landscape is evolving rapidly and at the same time products that are on the offering are more stable and matured. 

However, from all the mess that is created in the big data space over the past few years, where are we gearing towards?

Introduction to Google Analytics

First thing about Google analytics is it is FREE and the next thing is it is one of the best web analytic tools available today. As a result, Google Analytic is todays most used web analytic tool.

Targetted Customers from Web Analytics

This may sound cliche, but a good one to repeat again. Any business will not progress without understanding its customer requirements. Web analytic is one powerful opportunity to understand the customers and thus improve the business.

Common challenges about Web Analytics

At the outlook, web analytic looks simple. After all it is the data about who visited the website and all about the traffic. However, if you need to make useful business decisions based on web analytic data then things get really complex. In this articles we will explore, generic problem that many small businesses or websites face with regard to web analytic.

Word of Statistics and Analytics

Google trends gives an interesting alalysis of Analytics and Statistics - usage of these words in the web. In the last one decade, there is an inverse trend between the words Analytics and Statistics. There are numerous arguments to differentiate between these terminologies and many have argued they are more same than being different. Nevertheless, if we have to believe Google search then people are liking more Analytics and less Statistics compared to the past.