Hello! My name is Manjunath and this site is created and updated by me.

I have more than 13 years of experience working in business intelligence, big data, and analytic related technologies across different domains. My professional experiences, learnings and technology interests are spread across different tools/technologies such as MSBI(SSAS, SSRS, SSIS), Proclarity, Strategy Companion, Data modelling, Tableau, Pentaho Kettle, R scripting, T-SQL scripting, MDX scripting, Guidewire Claimcenter, Guidewire Datahub, and Big data technologies.

At BusiTelCe, I am publishing my understandings and observations primarily related to BI & Analytics. All the information you’ll get here is totally free and I’m always willing to help you guys start and overcome your questions and problems based on my very own experience and learning.

I’m not a guru nor an expert. I’m just a techie guy like many of you who wants to improve knowledge, presence, and exposure on technology/web.

What is BusiTelCe, the name?

I wanted to book a domain, something like BusinessIntelligence.Com. As you might have already guessed, such names were taken by others much earlier. Instead, found a short name for BUSInessinTELligenCE and there you are!

Credit Where Credit is Due

Joomla: Joomla is one of the best website publishing platform in the world. BusiTelCe site is built with Joomla.

Bootstrap: Bootstrap is a front-end framework of Twitter, Inc

SiteGround: One of the best hosting providers!

Thank you.
Manjunath (@Bangalore, India)