R Visuals in Power BI

Ability to add R visuals in the reports gives that extra edge to Power BI as a visualization tool. R has large number of packages for statistical data visualization and is a leading tool for statistical data plots.

While it is good to have understanding of R script, it is not mandatory to build charts from R engine in Power BI. Below I have given step bt step details of how to build a chart in Power BI using R engine.

Introduction to Google Analytics

First thing about Google analytics is it is FREE and the next thing is it is one of the best web analytic tools available today. As a result, Google Analytic is todays most used web analytic tool.

SAS - Advanced Analytic Leader

Big data and data-driven decision-making are key factors in the current advanced analytic market. This years Gartner quadrant for advanced analytics delivers a mix of good news and bad news for vendors in the advanced analytic category. Clearly there is up move for vendors such as Microsoft, Alpine, and Alteryx.

Gartner Business Intelligence - 2014 vs-2015

In the months since Gartner published the report in 2015, a lot in the industry has changed, and depending which end of the spectrum you are on; you could say it has evolved. Report highlights the major change that BI and Analytic platform is going through. For example - Vendors like Tableau and Qlik are gaining more because companies are increasingly adopting data-discovery and interactive-analysis platforms.

BI and Analytics Platform Transition

Gartner research finds that BI & Analytics indistry is going through a major transition. Their 2015 quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms reflects the change. Making data analytics more accessible and pervasive to a wide range of business users and use cases is the major goal of companies that are making this transition.