SAS - Advanced Analytic Leader

Big data and data-driven decision-making are key factors in the current advanced analytic market. This years Gartner quadrant for advanced analytics delivers a mix of good news and bad news for vendors in the advanced analytic category. Clearly there is up move for vendors such as Microsoft, Alpine, and Alteryx.

What is the key change in the industry dynamic?

There is a key change in the advanced analytic industry expectation. Typically, analytic tools were built for statisticians and data scientists. However, Gartner expects these tools to be more user friendly as it will be used by more and more business users. Therefore, Gartner's rankings on its well-known "completeness of vision" and "ability to execute" axes now ride as much on "ease of use" as they do on offering numerous and novel analytical algorithms.

SAS - in its own league

As we have seen from the past few years, SAS is in its own league. Only concern that Gartner highlighted about SAS is quite a long learning curve to SAS for beginners. Let us take a look at the other vendors in the list.

Who maintained their position?

In the Leader's quadrant SAS, IBM, Knime, and RapidMiner have maintained their position for the second year in a row.

Who gained?

In the Visionaries quadrant Microsoft, Alteryx, and Alpine Data Labs have moved up and to the right.
SAP as well as FICO gained in their position compared to last year results. Both the vendors gained through acquisition. SAP acquired KXEN in late 2013 and FICO acquired cloud-based predictive analytics vendor InfoCentricity in 2014.

Who is missing?

Last year Oracle was in Niche Player quadrant. But this time it is not listed in any of the quadrants. Gartner's explanation for this is that Oracle offers solutions as a tightly integrated component of its database, BI, and big data offerings, not as a stand-alone offering.

Statsoft is acquired by Dell and therefore Dell is making a new entry in the Challenger's quadrant.

Revolutionary Analytics is acquired by Microsoft - this move helped Microsoft to move in the quadrant.