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When Analytics Meets the Statistics …

When Analytics Meets the Statistics

Google trends gives an interesting alalysis of Analytics, Data Science and Statistics – usage of these words in the web. In the last one decade, there is an inverse trend between the words Analytics and Statistics. There are numerous arguments to differentiate between these terminologies and many have argued they are more same than being different. Nevertheless, if we have to believe Google search then people are liking more Analytics and less Statistics compared to the past.

Before 2005, Analytics was non-existing in huge volumes. But the popularity of the jargon shoot up in the coming years, thanks to the advance of Big Data and Data Science job markets. At the same time, use of Statistics has diminished. Today, lot of people find Statistics as less fancy word compared to Analytics, though they mean to say about the same thing.

Analytics vs Data science vs Statistics
Analytics vs Data science vs Statistics

Additionally, chart above includes another term Data Science – which is gaining some momentum in recent times.


It may be early days for Data Science. But Analytics was in the same boat 10 years before. Todays job market and technology industry fancy using Data Science job to do data statistics analysis. So, it won’t be bad prediction to say Data Science may beat Analytics in a decade time. However, Analytics is certainly in its way to take over Statistics in coming days.

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