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How to Start Your Own Profitable e-Learning Business? Courserious Review 2020

This year is nothing like any of the previous years. There is a rapid rise in demand for online education. Blame it on the coronavirus pandemic or the social distancing norms, there is a long wait before regular classroom courses and classes start. If you plan to sell your course, then this post is a must read – Courserious product review.

Courserious Review

Courserious Brand – Who are They?

  • Creator : Eric Holmlund
  • Product : Courserious
  • Launch Date : 2020-Nov-17
  • Refund : 30 days Refund Policy
  • Pricing : $47 Only 
  • Official Website : Click here to visit
  • Training : Yes! you will get step by step training inside
  • Experience Needed : No Special Skills Required
  • Support : Friendly and Effective Response
  • BONUS : YES! You’ll Get High Value Bonuses (Check here) 

As regular academia and colleges are all closed due to government regulations, online learning portals are in more and more demand. Naturally, people have found new way of learning and adapting to this fresh change in dynamics.

Here in this post, we will discuss in detail on Courserious online e-learning platform. This well detailed review should help users to determine whether to go for it or not.

What is Courserious?

Creating courses and selling them online has become an easy way of minting money. Today such is the impact of e-learning platforms, that most users are gravitating towards it.

But there is this one question that seemingly crosses the mind of every user. And that is “Which online platforms to choose? There are various e-learning platforms today which are in operation and each of them is different in its way.

How is Courserious different from Udemy or Coursera?

Courserious is an online e-learning software that is very unique and different from the rest. The platform helps users to sell courses online and also helps them to create their brand and business.

The platform is equipped with 190 + DFY courses and advanced features like student panel, video creation, payment mode integration, and many more.

Another highly demarcating aspect of the platform is users can teach anything irrespective of their niche. From cooking, teaching yoga, make-up, weight loss, coding, winemaking anyone can capitalize on their hobbies and start making money easily.

Which pain points of competitor products are solved here?

One of the highly disappointing aspects of online e-learning platforms today is their profit-sharing feature. Most of the time it is seen that when any user sells online courses to third-party platforms then a fixed share of the profit is kept by the former.

The other point of demarcation is fierce competition. In addition to all these if any person can generate new leads, then also the website keeps the royalties. But not anymore.

Courserious is one such platform where users can keep 100% of the profits. The e-learning platform doesn’t take any share from you which makes it best from all aspects.

Courserious Review – Distinctive Features

Just like any other platform, Courserious is also blessed with loads of advanced features. They are:

1. Advanced Course Manager

The advanced course manager helps users to easily integrate along with adding or managing courses. This feature is best for receiving payments directly without any hassles.

2. Courses and Sites Backed By Seo

SEO today plays a key role in establishing a site online. Courserious is a seo backed e-learning site with an automatic mobile response. Whenever a user adds a course there is no additional hosting required. One can easily get the SSL secure domain for hosting the courses.

3. Social Media Support

The site is further supported by Social media which helps users to share the courses on various platforms today for more engagement.

4. Other Feature Summary

[+] Completely cloud based system. No downloads or complicated installation

[+] Create your own beautiful & mobile-responsive elearning sites & sell courses online in minutes

[+] 100+ Hot Done-for-you courses to start selling immediately without having to create anything yourself

[+] You can upload your own courses on any topic with unlimited lessons.

[+] Create attractive, mobile responsive academic sites in just a few clicks

[+] Your own branded marketplace to sell your courses online

[+] Add / upload rich media files for your courses (youtube url, vimeo url, mp4 url, document files, image files & iframe embed, etc.)

[+] Add categories, sub-categories, lessons, sections, interactive quizzes to manage courses & lessons

[+] Accept payments via paypal or stripe with multiple currency support

[+] Seamless integrations with top autoresponders – aweber, getresponse, & mailchimp

[+] Build courses on any topic and become authority in any niche

[+] Drag-&-drop lesson manager to manage all your lessons, add sections, and optionally create interactive quizzes between lessons.

[+] Advance student panel to enrol/add/manage students from dashboard

[+] Detailed reporting system to get complete sales and revenue analytics

[+] Built-in support/ticket system to provide support to students

[+] No traffic, leads or profit sharing with any 3rd party marketplaces. Keep 100% profits & control on your business

[+] Branded members area for students to learn, track course progress, get purchase reports/pdf invoices and rate the courses after purchasing

[+] Supports multiple rich media files like youtube url, vimeo url, mp4 url, document, pdf, excel spreadsheet, image file, iframe embed, etc.

[+] Free hosting for images & documents

[+] A separate dynamic dashboard for students to manage their workflow.

[+] Courserious is 100% GDPR and Can-Spam compliant.

[+] Social media sharing for 100% free viral traffic

[+] Automatic email delivery to your students

[+] Create free or paid courses for your academy

[+] Advance and customized video lesson player

[+] Advanced sorting options for students to sort courses by ratings, category, level, language, price, etc.

[+] No domain or hosting required, get your own ssl secured subdomains for each academy

[+] Top-notch shopping cart and wishlist options for students to enable smooth purchasing

[+] Newbie friendly one-click course creation

[+] Get real-time updated revenue and sales analytics for all your courses.

[+] Include legal pages like about us, terms, privacy policy, cookie policy, etc.

[+] 100% seo optimized courses with title & meta description.

[+] Set-up your own SMTP for student mailing for enhancing your brand value.

[+] Automated emails will be sent from your account when someone purchases your courses.

[+] Get strong data privacy which is quintessential for your business to survive and grow online.

[+] Easy and intuitive to use software with step by step video training

[+] Get the built-in support system where your students can submit tickets

[+] Shopping cart & wishlist option to enable smooth purchasing. 

Who Should Buy Courserious?

Courserious is an e-learning platform that is aimed at everyone who wants to sell online courses. Once a user opts for the course then the seller can easily garner huge profits. Irrespective of whatever may be the niche, every individual can profitably use the platform.

For everyone who is looking for ways to earn a stipulated income, then Courserious is the best site. The platform is also backed by easy payment integration which makes it easy for users to list and generate money from online courses.

How can a Beginner Get Started With Courserious?

No wonder if someone is new to the online world, Courserious helps users in every way. There are over 90 DFY classes that one can start selling immediately.

To help users there are also step-by-step training videos which will help in starting the online business easily. The training courses have a huge chance of opening up ample opportunities for users. All thanks to the state-of-art-technology, every user today can publish and sell online courses within a few minutes.

4 Reasons Why You Need Courserious

Courserious is the next big thing in the e-learning space. The platform has a horde of opportunities for the users which makes it the best in the market today. Apart from this, there are also other reasons which majorly contribute to the overall success of the platform.

1. Top Level of Conversion

Courserious as a platform is highly convertible. All the programs listed on the site are greatly engaging and thus are loved by the users.

2. Great Support System

The platform itself is highly engaging and thus makes the overall courses more crowd-pulling.

3. Customer Satisfaction

The platform helps deliver to customers what they need and thus has built a great reputation among the users.

4. Low Refund System

We have a highly responsive support team who help solve customer queries fast. The whole team focuses on delivering high-quality products to the customers and thus has very low refund rates.

And then there are more reasons to buy this if you are serious about building your own e-learning platform:

  • Complete beginner friendly
  • Cloud based platform. Nothing to install.
  • 100+ DFY courses in super-hot niches.
  • Your own branded marketplace to sell your courses
  • Free storage for hosting documents & images
  • Your own branded marketplace
  • 100% GDPR and Can-Spam compliant.
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Create mobile optimized academy sites
  • Have 100% control on your business
  • 100% newbie friendly.
  • SSL secured sub-domains for each academy site
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Branded members area for students
  • Sell courses & keep 100% of your profits
  • Shopping cart & wish list option for smooth purchasing
  • Strong data privacy
  • Legal pages are included
  • Get step-by-step training inside
  • 30 Days Refund policy so almost no risk involved 

How is the pricing structure?

There are two price models of the site Basic And Bestseller. With the help of the Basic model, users can create 10 academies and download up to 20 courses. However, with the Bestseller model, users can create up to 50 academies and download 100 courses.

Apart from that, all the functionalities of the course remain the same.

Courserious Review

Summary: Who should buy and is it worth?

For everyone who is trying to sell online courses, Courserious is the best platform. The product is created for e-learning purposes and is equipped with tons of tools and resources. With maximum profitability, users can create courses from the comfort of the homes.

The online platform also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee which makes it best for online users.  Thus, take a step forward, make use of the platform, and start minting money.

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